Fallout 76: The Best CAMP Locations

Fallout 76 is essentially a survival game, except to earn Fallout 76 Bottle Caps to buy necessary resources; building a safe spot for yourself is a really crucial factor. Having a strategically placed home base can completely transform your experience. However, where you build your camp is the key since there is always something happening in the world of Fallout 76. This guide will show you the best CAMP locations in Fallout 76.

Choose CAMP Locations Tips

Before we delve into the selection of prime post-apocalyptic real estate Fallout 76 has to offer, let’s take a look at some tips when you are looking for CAMP locations:

Safety first, especially in this post-apocalyptic era. You’ll want to build in an advantageous position to protect your CAMP.
Fast Travel is one of the perks of building a CAMP. Therefore, it makes sense to place your CAMP away from 76 to maximize your ability to fast travel for free.
Resources are also important. Strategically placing your CAMP near valuable resource mines or bountiful hunting grounds is also a good tactic.
Central locations may be important for trading with vendors and may have a stash conveniently located to drop off loot after questing.
Water is probably the most essential priority for most CAMPs. It allows you to purify water, leading to a constant stream of Purified Water to drink and quench thirst. In addition, it also serving as a natural defense to ward off most enemies when optimally positioned around your campground, because most enemies in Fallout cannot swim or even jump.

Best Camp Locations in Fallout 76

1) Gilman Lumber Mill

Located in Appalachia’s Forest region, the Gilman Lumber Mill offers immediate shelter inside the mill while you begin building your base.

Built-in cover and defense.
Low-threat area.
Free wood supply.
Wood Extractor site.
Flat terrain.
The chainlink fencing is rusty.

2) East of The Wayward

This area should provide all the essentials you will need for early and mid-game play. You have several key locations in every direction that you can rely on for resources.

Extensive tree cover.
Wood and water access.
Free materials from the Overseer’s Stash nearby.
Easy vendor access via The Wayward.
The area is a frequent spawn for random enemies like Liberator Robots.
Moderate material investment and building time are required.
Frequented by many travelers and is near other fast travel.

3) Lakeside Grill

This useful junk-filled location in Toxic Valley provides immediate shelter within its ’60s-themed diner doors. This Fallout 76 CAMP location also has water access and, of course, plenty of loot.

Built-in cover.
Water access.
Free loot such as food, materials, etc.
No substantial border defenses.
The area is often set upon by Snallygasters and Ghouls.

4) Missile Silo Alpha

From the outside, Missile Silo Alpha doesn’t appear more than an abandoned shack with some scattered junk rusting away in the yard. But the shack is just a facade to masquerade the elevator inside, which leads down to one of three nuclear missile bases.

It is one of the few flat-building opportunities.
Water access.
High-traffic area, meaning a high risk of theft.
No substantial natural defenses.

5) Morgantown Trainyard

Just west of this train station in Appalachia’s Forest region, Morgantown Trainyard might just be one of the best Camp locations Fallout 76 has on offer for traders.

Water access.
Vendor access.
Nearby stash.
Nearby loot.
Local public events.
No substantial natural defenses.
Unsecluded location.
Not an ideal additional Fast Travel waypoint.

6) Forest Alcove

In the forest near Vault 51, there is a picturesque woodland alcove with a flat clearing you could use to build a quaint CAMP against the rock face.

Natural defensive positioning.
Nearby Cooking and Armor stations.
Nearby Oil and Iron deposits.
No immediate water access.
Less room to build.

7) Abandoned Monongah Raider Base

There’s a unique building opportunity at an abandoned raider base just east of the Monongah Overlook as you head up Route 95 towards Monongah Mine.

Pre-existing structure.
Tower vantage points.
Cooking station up the road.
Weapons Workbench to the west.
Gold deposit to the southwest.
Silver deposit and Chemistry Station to the south.
Lead deposit to the east.
Iron deposit to the north.
Super mutant spawn.
Not well-guarded.
No easy water access.

8) The Raider Shack

Winding your way up into the hills of Hemlock Hole, southwest of Wavy Willards’s in the Toxic Valley, this secluded raider shack has a bird’s eye view. As an unmarked location, this CAMP location comes partially constructed as an old raider base, allowing you to have a bit of a sandbox adventure in constructing a unique wasteland-chic pad.

Optimal defensive positioning.
Secluded location.
Prime Fast Travel location.
Nearby shelter to begin building.
Free raider loot.
Cooking Pot.
Tinkers Bench.
No immediate water access.
Rural positioning makes foot travel difficult.
Difficult building terrain.

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