Destiny 2: Euphony Raid Exotic Linear Fusion Rifle Guide

In this guide, I’ll break down what makes Euphony special, how to maximize its potential, and why it deserves a spot in your arsenal. It is recommended to buy Destiny 2 Salvation’s Edge Boost Services to craft it. This method is simpler, less time-consuming, and gives you a more perfect gaming experience. Use coupon code “harry” to get an extra 5% off!

Euphony Raid Exotic Overview

The Euphony is a strand linear fusion rifle, unique as a three-round burst special weapon. It occupies your kinetic slot and boasts an exceptional design, featuring sights that look like the Witness’s arm holding the optic. This weapon is not just visually impressive; it packs a serious punch with two exotic perks that set it apart.
Unlocking the Euphony Raid Exotic, you need a power level of 2010 or above. If your power level is not above 2010, you can buy Power Boost to quickly reach that level.

Exotic Perks

  1. Unwound: Dealing sustained damage with this weapon spawns Threadlings at your target’s location. Each hit spawns a Threadling, meaning a three-round burst creates three Threadlings. This adds significant additional damage on top of your base damage, making it highly effective against big targets and bosses.
  2. Spindle: Threadling damage increases this weapon’s damage. Each Threadling hit grants a stack of Spindle, increasing Euphony’s damage by 2% per stack, up to a maximum of 25 stacks (50% extra damage). This allows your damage to snowball as you continue to hit the target.

Maximizing Damage Output

To maximize Euphony’s potential, you can leverage both its perks in tandem:

  • Single Target Damage: Against a boss like the Witness, each three-round burst spawns three Threadlings. With 21 shots in a damage phase, you can achieve a staggering 2.57 million damage using just this special weapon. With proper build crafting and execution, including using Tangles, Threadling grenades, and Swarmers on a Warlock, you can start the damage phase with multiple Spindle stacks, exponentially increasing your damage.
  • Ad Clearing: Euphony excels at clearing trash mobs, thanks to the Threadlings it spawns. Combine it with the Thread of Rebirth fragment and artifacts like Threaded Blast for maximum chaos. Running double strand reserves, a strand scavenger, special finder, and a strand surge ensures you have enough ammo and are dishing out extra damage.

Recommended Builds

  1. Warlock Build:
  • Equip Swarmers for additional Threadling spawns.
  • Use a Threadling grenade and pop your Rift to spawn more Threadlings.
  • Start the damage phase with pre-spawned Threadlings using Tangles and grenades.
  • Consider using the Apotheosis Veil to boost your Threadling grenade damage and support your team.

  1. Heavy Weapon Complement:
  • Since Euphony handles single target damage so well, use a heavy weapon like a machine gun for ad clearing.
  • This balances your loadout, ensuring you have tools for both boss DPS and crowd control.

PvP Performance

It’s important to note that Euphony is designed for PvE and performs poorly in PvP. Its unique perks and mechanics do not translate well to the Crucible, so it’s best to keep this weapon in your PvE arsenal.

The Euphony raid exotic linear fusion rifle is a powerful addition to your loadout, capable of dishing out massive damage against bosses and effortlessly clearing ads. Its unique perks and high damage potential make it a must-have for any serious Guardian.