Fallout 76 Guide: How to Stop Freezing at Fasnacht?

Fallout 76 Guide: How to Stop Freezing at Fasnacht?

Fasnacht has returned to Fallout 76 and in order to get the rewards in it we need to complete the daily quests. However, recently some players have been experiencing freezing issues during the Fasnacht event, which is having a big impact on our game progress. So what should we do when we encounter freezing issues when accessing Fallout 76’s Fasnacht event? This guide below will give us details on how to stop the freezing in Fasnacht.

Understanding the Freezing Issue

During Fasnacht, many players join servers hoping to participate in the event and earn rare masks. However, joining a server in progress, particularly at Helvetia (Hvaa), often results in a black screen. This glitch typically happens when the event is already halfway through, preventing you from joining successfully. You will waste a lot of time when you encounter freezing issues, at this time the fo76 items for sale in U4GM will help you to proceed more smoothly in the game, which will save us a lot of time.

Effective Workaround to Prevent Freezing

Step 1: Avoid Helvetia

The primary cause of the freezing issue is spawning in Helvetia when the event is already underway. To prevent this:

  • Avoid being in Helvetia when joining a new server. After completing a Fasnacht event, make sure to leave the area.

Step 2: Fast Travel to a Different Location

  • Fast travel to a location like Bolton Greens. This has proven to be a reliable spot for many players. By first traveling to Bolton Greens, you reset your spawn point away from the event area.

Step 3: Rejoin the Event

  • Once you’re in Bolton Greens, check if the event is still active by looking for the Fasnacht robots.
  • Travel back to Helvetia if the event is confirmed to be ongoing.

Additional Tips

  1. Check for Robots: When you arrive back at Helvetia, look for the event robots. If you see them, the event is still running.
  2. Gamertags Indicator: Another useful tip is to check if the other players’ gamertags are yellow. This indicates that the event is active, and you’ve successfully joined.
  3. Avoid AFK Issues: The drop rate for rare masks can be low, leading some players to go AFK (away from keyboard) to maximize their chances. While this can be annoying, understanding the reasons behind it can help you stay patient.

Common Issues and Solutions

  • Slow Load Times: Some players experience slow load times, where the game doesn’t register their arrival at the event location. In such cases, ensure your internet connection is stable and consider restarting your game or console.
  • Event Not Showing Up: Occasionally, the event might not appear even if it’s active. Double-check by fast traveling to a nearby location and returning to Helvetia.
  • Repeated Freezing: If freezing persists despite following these steps, it may be beneficial to report the issue to Bethesda Support for further assistance.


By avoiding Helvetia when joining a new server and using strategic fast travel points like Bolton Greens, you can significantly reduce the chances of encountering the black screen of death during the Fasnacht event. These simple yet effective steps can enhance your gameplay experience, allowing you to focus on collecting those coveted rare masks without the frustration of freezing issues.

Remember, the key is to always fast travel out of Helvetia after completing an event and before joining another server. With this strategy, you’ll be better equipped to enjoy the Fasnacht event in Fallout 76 seamlessly.

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