Unlocking Guide and Improvements for All Weapon Camouflage Missions in COD MW3

MW3 releases new weapons and inherits many weapons from MW2, directly increasing the number of weapon camouflages. In different modes, WM3 also introduces corresponding camouflage for players to unlock, which requires players to complete designated tasks and weekly challenges.

Continuously updated weekly challenges.

A new set of challenges will appear weekly during pre-season and each season. Expect seven multiplayer and seven Zombie weekly challenges each week. Each weekly challenge rewards XP upon completion, and if you complete five weekly challenges in a week, you’ll unlock special attachments, aftermarket parts, or weapons as weekly rewards. If you earn all weekly rewards in a season, you will unlock the seasonal cosmetic reward, a camo. It’s a cool idea to have people come back to the game every week to do these weekly challenges, unlock aftermarket parts, get more XP, and then once you complete the weekly challenges in a season, you’ll be rewarded with camo that you can use on all your weapons. In addition to unlocking camouflage by completing missions, players can quickly level up with a cheap MW3 bot lobby.

Additional camo unlocks missions.

WM3 also introduced 12 additional completionist camouflages to unlock and the four completionist camouflages in MW2. These camouflages have rules about which weapons they can be applied to. Most black holes, known as “stellar mass” black holes, are typically 10 to 24 times more massive than the Sun. Black holes cannot be observed directly with telescopes that detect X-rays, light, or other forms of electromagnetic radiation. However, scientists can infer and study their presence by detecting their effects on nearby materials.

Multiplayer camo unlocks

MW3 multiplayer has four mastery camouflages: Gilded, Forged, Priceless, and Interstellar. To unlock the gilding camo, you need to complete all base camouflage challenges for that weapon and an individual gilding challenge tailored to that specific weapon. To unlock the Forged Camouflage, you need to unlock the Gilded Camouflage Challenge for each weapon in the same category and complete the individual Forged Challenge for that weapon. You must unlock 37 Forged Camo challenges for MW3 guns to unlock the priceless camo. To unlock the Star Camo, you must unlock the priceless camouflage for all 37 weapons in MW3.

Zombie World Camo Unlocked

In MW3 Zombies, MW2 weapons have four mastery camouflages: Golden Tusk, Spine Shell, Spider, and Bioluminescence. To unlock the bioluminescent camouflage, you must upgrade your M4 and complete the four base camouflages connected to your M4. There are four mastery camouflages for weapons in MW3 Zombies: Golden Enigma, Qilong Scales, Tonight’s Viper, and Bolaris.

MW3 will feature crazy camo, including MW2 weapons, MW3 weapons, multiplayer, and zombies. There are four Master Camos in MW3 multiplayer and four Master Camos in MW2 Zombie Weapons. Completing Weekly, Basic, and Personal Camo Challenges will unlock these Mastery Camos.

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