2K23’s definition of Acceleration is beyond cognition

Speed and Acceleration are player attributes in NBA 2K23, both physical attributes. Most players’ understanding of them is only on the surface. Under the condition of the same speed, the greater the Acceleration, the first to arrive. But judging by the test in the game, this view is wrong.

Accelerated Work Logic Test

Both players are 6’6″ with a speed of 90; the only difference is the Acceleration. One is 25, and the other is 99. 2K will consider this not to affect the players, meaning that given the same height and speed, When running without the ball, the players move at the same speed.

2K’s understanding of Acceleration

Now let’s change our thinking and set the speed and Acceleration of both players to be the same, speed 90, acceleration 99. Now the only difference between them is their height, one is six foot one, and the other is six foot nine. Logic would tell you that for the same speed and Acceleration, the taller player should be faster because he is taller, so he has the longest stride. But the 2K logic is the opposite. The shorter player is faster. You can see that he reaches the half-court and reaches the third brick much faster than the taller player.

According to the logic of 2K, we can draw a conclusion that a player who is 6 feet 9 has the same speed and Acceleration as a player who is 6 feet 1. Off the ball, short people have an advantage. Being 8 inches shorter actually makes you 11% faster, so in There is no stride advantage in this game. It’s not really a question of right or wrong. It’s just 2K logic.

Properties are more like ratios based on a particular build. A 6’9″ player needs to be as fast as a 6’1″ player, a 6’9″ player needs 99 speed, and a 6’1″ player needs 90 speed when two size/speed stats When the same players of different sizes start sprinting, the shorter players are always faster this year.

That’s why in this year’s game, you can see a lot of small guards who can use the saved attribute points to other places where they are needed. Compared with big men, it takes more NBA 2K23 MT to achieve such an effect.

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