NBA 2K23 Player Ratings Have Been Released

As the release date of NBA 2K23 approaches, 2K Games has started releasing player ratings for NBA 2K23. 2K has also released player ratings for the top rookies in the NBA this season. The top rookie is the first of the 2022 NBA draft: Paolo Banchero, the Magic power forward who will start NBA 2K23 as a 78 OVR.

When sports games are about to be released, player ratings are always a crowd puller, sometimes seemingly more important than gameplay. 2K Games has begun gradually releasing key player ratings from the game.

Here are the top five rookies in NBA 2K23, in order of overall rating.

The top NBA rookies entering the league this season will get their first taste of the league in October. But until then, thanks to the release of NBA 2K23, basketball fans can see what the next batch of NBA players will look like on the court this fall. NBA 2K23 features all the rookies drafted earlier this year, and we already know which ones are in the top tier thanks to the ratings.

Now that we know how players are rated in NBA 2K23, we can make some references when we select players. We can use 2K23 MT to speed things up when we do player builds and also use these currencies for attribute upgrades.