Albion Online: You Can Check In Online Data On All Homicides

The addition of new functionality was announced by German studio Sandbox Interactive, nonetheless, not for the game itself. It can contribute to players to easily acquire information about “who killed whom”. For five seperate tabs is so detailed, for all homicides PvP battles in multiplayer mode and Guild vs Guild, scoreboards for individual players and guilds, the ability to compare the various guilds and their achievements. It stands to reason that many of players have already prepared for buy cheap albion online gold.


Albion Online is a MMORPG set in an open world, created by the studio Sandbox Interactive, where the action takes place in a medieval fantasy world of Albion. Thanks to the “you are what you wear”, free from any restrictions related to the choice of class, a gifted archer can instantly become a powerful mage, because only the player depends on what role he will take in the game world. PvP, PvE and guild vs. guild, each action has its meaning and consequences.

PvP in the danger zones are treated as judging a “winner takes all”. Albion Online is the first game that brings the experience so far known from personal computers to tablet screens. With a slight delay in relation to the current game, and not to make the precise location of the murder will be almost impossible to abuse Table Homicide for tracking and eliminating other players.

Obviously, latest killings as well as combat search bar makes players will find out releated information, for those who are extremely proud of their statistics, they have chance to show off them on Reddit, Facebook,Twitter, or Google+. Why players are now so excited? Among the reasons it was albion online silver for sale.