Albion Online Release Is Prolonged To Final Beta Extends Through Q1 2017

On August, Albion Online final beta test start to launched, what’s more, regarding the plan, it’s keeping for 2~3 months. Nonetheless, in accordance to the developer Sandbox Interactive, today, the beta was announced that it will be extended through Q12107. What this means is that the game’s final launch is delayed, to that end, it’s indeed make some fans disappointment. Having said that, it’s worth delighting that albion online silver for sale, players can buy it in advance.


Additionally, there will be an in-beta wipe, which is scheduled for February/March 2017 once the necessary improvements to the game and game world are made. The fact that the game’s core gameplay is not yet sufficiently polished caused this delay.

In order to offfer fans a long lasting MMORPG, according to Sandbox, it’ll perform some improvements to the game’s economy, PvP, progression, PvP, as well as world. However, it’s worth to mentioning that players have expressed serious concerns about the delay, they deem that the beta has already dragged on long enough, and without any other choice, however, regardless though, thanks to the teams of developers, they will try their best to release the game as soon as possible. With the gaming release date is approaching, and are you ready for enough albion online silver?