Tips to respond to different tactical in fifa15


How to respond to different tatical changes by your opponents?here are some of the tactical decisions you can make while playing the game.

Player Mentality and Why You Should Change It
There aren’t many new players who make use of altering the mentality of the players, but you can easily do so by pressing left/right buttons on the directional pad.

With almost every formation, you can alter both the attacking and defensive mentality of your players. Let’s assume the example of a 4-Defender formation which can further be improved on the defensive side by pressing left on the directional pad once.

The similar can be done with other formations, but it trickles down to individual strategy and the game’s situation. Speaking of the situations, suppose that you’re in a lead with a couple of minutes left.

During this situation, you can switch to 5-Defenders formation and render opposition’s perpetual attacks useless. You can also go the exact opposite formation and bring almost everyone to the attacking side.

Dribbling Your Way Through Opponents
There are a lot of tactics involved when it comes to dribbling. The ideal situation is that you have more than one option most of the times. The reason I’m saying why you should do this is because you should always confuse your opponent whenever you get the chance.

We have compiled a separate guide on Dribbling, and all tactics involved in dribbling effectively.

Passing and Possession Tactics
Passing and keeping possession in FIFA 15 is more important than ever. However, do note that your entire game shouldn’t focus on passing game.

You’ll often come across players who will keep on passing the ball even when they are near the box. Remember that passing and keeping possession doesn’t win the games, shooting at the appropriate time does.

We have compiled a separate guide on Passing and different tactics involved in passing effectively.

You’ll often find yourself in situations without any clue as to what you need to do. In these kinds of situations, your best bet is to kick the ball out.

While many people don’t approve of this strategy, it most certainly provides players with time to rethink of their strategy and how to implement it. As for cutting back, it surely is one of the few tactics using which you can be almost certain to score a goal.

Read Your Opponent First
This is by far the best tactic that you can come up with in FIFA 15. Just as the match begins, take out some time and analyze your opponent’s defense and attacking formation.

You’ll often come across opponents who will leave blank spaces in the middle of the field or those who will evenly distribute their defense. Read different formations of the opponents and then plan your strategy accordingly.

Although this particular tactic is useful throughout the match, they are especially useful while taking corner kicks or free kicks. Observe and see if they are any open passing lanes and go for the goal.

Using Confidence Boost To Your Advantage
Each time you gain some sort of advantage over your opponent, your players will get a confidence boost and will start playing more aggressively.

At this point, they will win the ball quite often, but you need to make sure that you don’t start making the wrong decisions to reverse the momentum of the game.

Try to gain early advantage by scoring early and your players will start performing better, which will get even better with each successive score.

Furthermore, note that after gaining an advantage, players tend to play recklessly and let the take the game. Try to take things more calmly and stick to your passing game, which will frustrate your opponent, but it doesn’t matter, does it?

Timing of Substitutes
While your team is on an advantage, there will hardly be any need to call in a substitute unless a player is completely drained of energy or is
injured. These substitutes really come into play while you have lost the advantage to your opponent.

Even in the end game, calling in an appropriate substitute will allow you to turn the tides. Players with good finishers like Higuain from Real Madrid will sometime work in your favor and it’s better to test all your options before accepting the already fated defeated.

Retaliate By Scoring a Goal
One of the best times to score a goal is immediately after conceding a goal. Your opponent players will take some time to rearrange themselves into their positions, giving you enough time to plan your attack and go for a score.

A decent strategy to use here is to pass the ball to any of the wings and keep on holding down the LB/L1 button to call in a player from the kick off. This will certainly allow you to beat the defender and head in for a goal.

Be Unpredictable
This is one of the best advises anyone can give you! You need to be persistent with the game, and don’t lose hope after losing a couple of games.

FIFA is a game that requires skill, practice, strategy, and a lot of patience to achieve success. If you lose a game, move over to the next one and try to overcome the mistakes made earlier, and eventually you’ll get better.

When it comes to strategy, be as unpredictable as you could. The best players in the world are capable of reading their opponents and countering their strategies beforehand.

Be unpredictable with your strategies, take it slow, and don’t let go of the rare moments to score a win.