New features in FIFA15


As a fifa15 fan,you must konw these.When purchasing a new version of FIFA one of the primary things a fan is getting is all of the updated data with regard to clubs, player faces, player transfers, player kits and even stadiums.

In FIFA 15 it is quickly obvious that EA’s promise of having more faces than ever before is true. The whole experience has certainly been enhanced visually.

In its initial state, FIFA 15 plays a familiar, yet faster and more unpredictable game. Passing speed and through-ball accuracy have been increased alongside a corresponding improvement in player responsiveness, lending the game a strangely frantic feel in its first few sessions.

Lumbering defenders now need to take a few extra steps to reach their terminal velocity, allowing players such as Raheem Sterling and Theo Walcott toroutinely tear them apart with blistering pace, dancing around the opposition with incredible ease. At that stage, FIFA 15 feels horribly unbalanced.

Teammate containing while cutting off passing lanes works in spots but it’s still not nuanced. Hold it for too long and too many people converge on the attacker: destroying your team’s shape. This behavior’s been commonplace since FIFA 12: likely for balancing issues.

That said, most DMs and centerbacks have the lateral movement of an ox. So holding off a player who knows how to exploit space feels much harder than necessary.

After you get your character created, you will be given four objectives that you are supposed to meet throughout the next season, two primary and two secondary. These include objectives like a certain number of goals to score in the season or more in-depth objectives, such as staying above a certain shots made percentage.

Beyond the objectives, you also have a ton of accomplishments your character can unlock, which are split into categories like Ball Skills, Shooting, Physical, and many more. Completing these allows your character to increase his stats, so basically it serves as a skill tree, like in many RPGs.

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