In this guide, I will tell you as quickly as possible about one of the ways to farm money in Escape from Tarkov and its nuances, so that another expensive purchase or loss of loot does not discourage you. It’s about the Flea market and the hucksters. It’s no secret that absolutely in any game where there is an auction, there are resellers. The essence is as simple as possible – we buy out the lot at a low price, sell at a high price. More lots – more Tarkov money.


There is no specific trade item. It all depends on the patch, on the demand, and so on. Therefore, what exactly to trade, you must choose for yourself. Moreover, if I now tell you exactly what items to buy, and the guide is read (suddenly!) For a lot of people, it will be difficult to trade in them. Prices and market conditions, in general, are constantly changing. Therefore, it is impossible to predict the price of an item over time. At any time, a new recipe can be added to the Shelter, new trade, and similar chips that do not depend on the players, and prices can either raise or knockdown. And although I think this farming method is the most stable, there are a number of nuances.


There is a very high probability that the difference between cheap and expensive lots will be fully covered by the commission or even a minus. Before you start buying, be sure to check if you will go into a minus or if your plus will be so small that it is better to choose another item and not waste your time without exhausting. Verification is carried out by buying one item and setting the lot at the price that interests you.


The game has a reputation for merchants. The more reputation you have, the more lots you have to trade. For each unsold lot, it doesn’t matter if it runs out in time or you canceled it, your reputation will drop. It is logical to assume that if your lot is too expensive, no one will buy it. But if there are a couple of million items in it, the reputation will drop. As a result, you will lose both time and money. Do not forget about the commission – no one will return it to you.


The validity period of the lot depends on the number of items. One object is always 12 hours, and then the time increases according to a formula unknown to me. But one thing is clear – the more items, the more time. This can be used. If the item is in demand, the price can be slightly overestimated.

Reputation Boost

The easiest way to improve your reputation is by reselling expensive items – keys, cases, and so on. And usually, in such trades you only lose money, but the reputation is worth it, and the price is not that high. I still don’t understand how much reputation gives, but according to my inaccurate calculations, about 5 million rubles = 1 unit of reputation.


Redemption of items occurs by quickly pressing “Buy” and Y. There are no bots, auto clickers, and similar prohibited programs for this business. More precisely, perhaps there is, I have no idea. But I think they are ineffective. After all, the timer also depends on the ping and the moment the page is refreshed. That is, whoever had a Buy button earlier will buy this lot, if he doesn’t shut up. And remember, like you, waiting for the coveted button on a certain lot, there are 10-20 people, or even more, which gives you an approximate 5% chance to redeem the lot. Therefore, it all depends on luck, randomness, and ping.

Small Summary

  • The starting capital must be from 500 thousand. But the more, the better and faster the recruitment will take place.
  • It’s boring and tedious enough, but effective.
  • For convenience and comfortable trade, it would be good to have a maximum warehouse.
  • It is also possible to earn money by assembling weapons for Mechanic quests. But I don’t know how much it will be possible to earn on this, so I cannot suggest anything concrete. You can try it yourself.
  • The main disadvantage is that this method does not add skill to you in the game, does not pump stats and skills, and if you have died from everyone you meet before, it will most likely continue this way. The only difference is that the more money you have, the better body kit and armor you can buy, which will somehow increase your chances of winning.