FIFA 20 Push and Pull Guide

Push and pull is one of the most effective tools that you will need to master, to be as healthy as possible in the defensive area of the game. That was something we discovered and perfected was back at the very beginning of FIFA 14. It saw a dramatic increase in the number of clean sheets we started keeping and the number of 50/50 challenges. We will win against strikers who vastly outpace the defenders we’re using. In FIFA 20, there is a slight change, which we mentioned earlier to the tackle/push and pulled button. So make sure you read U4GM share FIFA 20 Push and Pull Guide TIP further below! U4GM as an expert FIFA 20 Service website, supplies safe, fast and cheap FIFA 20 Coins for you.

When alongside a defender or slightly behind we would press the push and pull/standing tackle button over and over again, and get pulled up for the foul nine times out of 10 and receive a yellow card for good measure. We decided to stop doing this because we were fed up of giving away free-kicks in dangerous positions or even worse the attacker getting away from our defender. This is when we started experimenting and found out this next top tip.

TIP – When you are ALONGSIDE, going to be outpaced then PRESS AND HOLD DOWN the tackle button while moving your left stick into the attacker and towards the ball. Rather than pulling the shoulder/shirt of the attacker, and then letting go by holding down the button, it will keep hold of the player, and then when you are in front of the player. You can then let go and pass the ball to a fellow defender or GK.

If you are SLIGHTLY BEHIND THE STRIKER (2-3 yards), then you need to do things slightly differently. Here is what to do. The first thing you need to do is try to get alongside the striker so you can then repeat the process above and win the ball back. You can then catch them up and repeat the process above once you are ALONGSIDE the attacker.

The only thing you need to be careful of here is not pressing the tackle/push and pull button too early. If the attacker is too high, then the console won’t recognize this as an attempt to pick. But as an attempt to tackle so your player will do the standing tackle animation.

Many players play the ball over the top of the defense, or down the wings for quick strikers. So using this technique of push and pull will quickly frustrate them and lead them to explore other avenues of scoring which they will be less comfortable doing which in turn will make your job easier of winning the ball back.