The Latest Complete Beginner Guide To Play TERA Game

TERA is a free-to-play fantasy MMORPG from developer Bluehole Studios, and publishers En Masse Entertainment and Gameforge. In TERA the world is under siege by otherworldly beings that destroy and reshape everything in their path. In case you are a MMORPG veteran then tera game is the best choice and you must follow some tips to play tera game such as pick server, character creation, starting areas, quests, getting wealth, rest, travel and parties. Also, a easy way for you to gain tera gold fast is to buy tera gold on U4GM. If you want to buy cheap tera gold, just make sure to spare some time to join in our site.


TERA concept

Tera game is designed with wonderful numbers of the features which includes choice of control, true action combat, seven races, vast fantasy world, epic monster battles, vibrant online community and stunning graphics. This game has been updated with glided mask content expansion which might bring red refuge dungeon to top level player. In tera game, traditional fantasy themed MMORPG set at world of the arborea along with the top notch graphics.

Tips to play TERA game better

Tera game is designed with excellent numbers of the features such as unique story, real time combat, amazing setting, character variety and high production value. If you are willing to play this game then you must follow some tips such as:

1. Fast Leveling – Glossary of terms in TERA

The terminology in TERA is quite different than one you can encounter in the other MMOs, which is why it is worthwhile, at the very beginning, to explain some of the terms that you will, undoubtedly, come across in the game, and whose understanding may make things easier:

  • NPC – characters just like yours, controlled by the computer, which you receive quests from, with whom you barter etc.
  • Mob – is nothing else than any enemy that you encounter in the game, be it a beast, an undead or hostile NPCs.
  • BAM – short for Bad Ass Monster, that can be simply explained as mini-bosses. These monsters are much stronger, bigger that have much more health points than the regular monsters – at the same time, for defeating them, you are usually rewarded with many experience points, and often, a rare item.
  • Instance – a generated are which cannot be accessed by anybody that does not belong to your team (you also cannot access one generated for another team), where you fight mobs (usually much stronger than on the regular maps)
  • Instance Matchmaking – the system of putting random players into teams; these teams are then teleported into one of the selected instances; for completing an instance, with the team created via matchmaking, you receive an additional reward.
  • Battleground – grounds on which two teams, of 20 players each, face each other. You gain access to these after you reach a certain experience level and, for completing them (winning or losing) you are rewarded with experience and random items (only after you win).
  • Charm – these are special items activated near campfire that enhance, for some time (ranging between 15 and 30 minutes) certain statistics of your character. For a more detailed description, see further in this guide.
  • Combo – is a process of combining individual skills into strings. The result is that they are activated one right after the other. You can find the list of skills that react with the other skills after accessing the skill card (K) and the chained skills tab.
  • Stamina – is expressed by means of the number directly under your character’s healthbar. It can assume a value between 0 and 120 (135 in some cases). It is on the amount of stamina that your health and mana, as well as strength of your attacks depend (if it reaches a very low level).

2. Two ways of acquiring experience quest oriented and grind oriented
3. Hints and items which makes it possible to eliminate enemies and get experience faster like scrolls, potions, charms and boots

Below, you will find a handful of hints, which you will find handy, regardless of whether you want to gain each and every experience level thanks to quest, or the arduous grind.

– Always try to keep your stamina levels above 100% – the best solution is to keep it as high as possible, at all times, because this increases the pool of your health points and mana. Never get into a fight if your stamina level drops below 80-90% because, below this value, also the value of damage will be lower.

– On the 20th and the 30th experience level, from the supply crate, you will draw an item called Extensive Alkahest. It is used for the final enhancement of items and, since you are not going to be using it any time soon, you should sell it at the Trade Broker. The price of one such item easily goes above 200 gold pieces and, since you are getting 55 of these, you should easily earn way over 10,000 gp – this should solve your problems with gold!

– Every several levels, you should check up with the Trade Broker in search of better equipment. You should never allow a situation in which you fight monsters using old and weak equipment – this is especially useful while grinding of mobs, because this directly translates into how fast you are capable of killing them.

– Always canny bandages around (the best ones that you can use) and use them between fights (if you do not play as a healer or you do not have one on your party) – this will facilitate things and you will not have to wait for the process of spontaneous regeneration to replenish your health. Just remember that, unlike potions, bondages can be used only if you are not in a fight at the moment. If you feel that you are losing and that you may die, walk away, from your enemy, for a dozen-or-so seconds – you will then exit the fight and you will be able to use the bondage.

Tera game is offering cosmetic items, accessories, costumes, weapon skins and mounts from the in game store. There are useful numbers of the reasons are there to play tera game such as true action combat, vast fantasy world, epic encounter, world of fellow players, no restrictions and retooled for console. Tera is offering immersive MMO experience from comfort of living room couch. It is the best game to play it with your friends. The most important part of the tera game is that community and it is packed with amazing social features.