The Elder Scrolls Online: A Flood Of Though And Nostalling Memories

Getting out of the boat at Seyda Neen, at the beginning of The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind, there is a flood of pleasant and nostalgic memories since 2002 at the time of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. Looking at the same wooden dock and then the small hamlet in its extension, I got a very familiar feeling like 15 years ago… At my fourteen, then, a little kid ready to conquer or save the world unfolding in front of me, The fantasy that my surreal children’s mind had!

In every “pixel”, The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind is zealously trying to recreate this feeling. The central island of Vvardenfell, the exciting new Class The Warden and a perfectly braided scenario make Morrowind a great expansion.


If there is a drawback, perhaps it is the fact that Vvardenfell is so faithfully rebuilt, thus diminishing the sense of discovery and doubt for the veterans of the series.

Quite a bit or so Morrowind veterans will know where everything is about, it was something that cost a little bit of the “brilliance” brought along by ESO in its Release. Therefore, while you are in the famous locations of the 2002 game, you see the world 700 years before the events of the classic Morrowind story are played! Of course, if you are a Lore freak or a lover of this particular story, the differences about what happened then will make you want to learn everything!

The Red Mountain Volcano, which dominates the heart of Vvardenfell, is in lethargy this year, with richer vegetation spreading around it, with the exception of the lava micro-leakage fragments that flow like small rivers from the cracks of the mountain to the east, And they end up in a small lava lake … The ziggurat city of Vivec or Vicec City is still under construction while Warrior-Poet Vivec is more willing to accept visitors than the old ones can remember players of Morrowind.

The huge mushrooms that plague the areas unfolding in front of you give you a more exotic style of jungle style than the more “conventional” environments found in the central areas of Tamriel.

The PVE content of Morrowind lasts about 25 hours in Quest, etc., of course the provocative new Raid is another matter. Perhaps it’s not enough to playtime for MMORPG expansion, but it definitely compensates for the small amount with very good narrative and scripting quality, as is the logic as we talk about the Morrowind epic.


So I started to live the epic, completely absorbed by the script, helping the Redoran House find a long lost daughter, solving the mystery of her disappearance… Having a special companion with me, a charming but strange, well-meaning killer , The evolution of events is interesting, while of course our choices play a role. I met the slaves near Telvanni and listening to their dramatic story, I automatically saw myself as a mission to help these powerless souls to free themselves from oppression! They are so well-crafted stories and missions that have made me care about the simple world of Vvenderfell, a feeling that does not make all MMORPGs create.

The script in Morrowind’s main story gives a sense of “running because the world is lost,” giving the player a bold feeling about every decision he takes, as well as the real heavy effects he will have on the world. Of course, there are several ups and downs in the script that made me change my initial opinion through hard dilemmas that will make you follow your instincts while many have made me even question now if I made the right decision…

Morrowind’s gameplay for these adventures is the same as all MMORPGs of this kind: large chain-quests that run you from here and from there and optional Side-quests on your way to completing the central story.

However, thanks to the Tamriel update, which has removed the level restriction from the regions, now regardless of your character level, you can experience the story and content of Elder Scrolls Online in any order you want! Contrary to the first “tricky” time of the game from release. As a result, the Tamriel update really helps Morrowind become incredibly affordable for both old and new players.

You can start a new character and experience the new experience and history of Morrowind expansion, thanks to a new and excellent tutorial, while the existing large flat players can travel to Vvardenfell and continue their journey (wayshrine is already Available for pro-Morrowind players). This makes Morrowind separate from the other expansion in the genre. You do not have to go through all of the previous content, you start right through the new one. More ESO news and guides we will post here in, you can keep eyes close in our site.