Every year EA decide to reveal who is in the TOTY

January 2015 is here, FIFA 15 TOTY is coming on the way,you might be wondering about FIFA 15 market crash who own FIFA 15 coins. Therefore we will give you some help to get the best preparation possible! Now, it is time to take action, because the drop in player prices has already begun.

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What is the Market Crash?
The Market Crash is a crash on the FIFA Ultimate Team market, because lots of people want to sell their players. The Market Crash takes place every single year in the period around november & december. You can already see that the crash has begun, because a lot of players are falling in price every single day. I hear you thinking: Why does the Market Crash takes place?

Well, every year EA decide to reveal who is in the TOTY (Team Of The Year). This team consists of big names like Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and other superstars. Everyone knows that EA will put them in the Gold Player Packs in the end of the year so everyone want to sell their squads to get some money to open packs when the TOTY is in packs.

Now, some Market Crash Trading Tips: 
1.Buy a lot of quality chemistry styles: all chemistry styles will be very cheap, because a lot of people will sell them during the Market Crash. I am going to take over a lot of them, because when the TOTY is out of packs, prices will rise and you can make some nice profit on these chemistry styles.

2.Purchases lots of shiny gold contracts: I think they will be really cheap (roughly 250 coins). They will come out handy, because they are no.1 need for every FUT 15 squad!

3.Use the 59th trading method when the TOTY players are in packs – a lot of players will be put on the market on the 59th minute and therefore, I think you can find some bargains.

4.Last but not least: Buy your squad when the whole TOTY is in packs. At that moment, the prices will be very low and then you can create your dream squad for cheap.