FUTmas Tips:How to profit off FUTmas

fifa 15

How wonderful ! The month of December is all about giving and receiving.FUTmas is here,in the just released day 1,many player get their wanted free packs. Now they are looking forward for the following FUTmas days.But there are still someone miss the Day 1 and didn’t get their expected packs.So today we are sharing some excellet tips for you.

How to profit with FUTMas ?
It is very easy to make fifa 15 coins during the FUTMas. You just need to sell and buy at the right time. Don’t buy packs. Take the chance to build a better squad or to buy low and sell higher.

When should sell and buy cards ?
For someone less experienced, the best thing to do is to sell everything as soon as possible and (re)buy the cards during Happy Hours featuring 100k packs. The prices will be higher a few days after the biggest happy hours, even with TOTY coming (January 12th).

The last but not least,We suggest to the most experienced gamers to pay attention to the estimated dates for the FUTMas’ Happy Hours in order to buy and sell the cards several times during this period.Also you can choose to buy cheap fifa 15 coins from fifa15-coins.com with 10% discount on Christmas day !