How to Make Most of the Best Penalty Area Shooting Player: Filippo Inzaghi

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Filippo Inzaghi is a striker, a great Italian former professional football player. On June 9, 2014, Inzaghi became the head coach of AC Milan officially. In the 1996-1997 seasons, he worked for Atlanta and famous for the 24 series A goals, which contribute much to his best shooting player.

The main features of Filippo Inzaghi:
He is really a good shooter in the penalty area. 94 finishing makes him become the most efficient terminator in the penalty area.
Good positioning & quick response

The weakness of Inzaghi
1. No ability to score outside the penalty area, 69 shooting ability and 61 ranged shooting ability
2. Poor physical fitness, during the physical confrontation, Inzaghi will be stroked down.
3. Bad dribbling ability.
4. 3 star Weak Foot, 3 star Skill Moves

How to make most of him? Here I will give you a few tips.
1. You must shoot goals in the penalty area. 94 shooting data will make you have a successful shooting. In the shooting area, you will have high shooting conversion rate. Even though you are alone, the success rate is also quite high. When you enter into the box, aim at the blind angel and shoot.
2. Due to his bad dribbling ability, he needs to deal with the ball immediately after getting the ball. Or he will be intercepted by the backs.
3. I do not recommend that he uses passing skills. He can run off the ball by himself. In this way, the opponent can hardly defend successfully.

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