The update is needed Because of FIFA 15 XBOX Digital Copy Issue


All we know,there is no fifa15 update released since Oct 21,however,fifa15 needs new patch to make it better.
Since FIFA 15 is a very popular video game, even a small issue with it on just one platform can result in a very big headache for many players.

The company needs to keep the player base as satisfied as possible in order to make sure that user continue to play in the long term and EA make profit in the long term.Besides, the strong competitor of FIFA 15, the Pro Evolution Soccer 2015, is just released and quite popular too.

With last issue of PS 4 share play in FIFA 15 that fixed not long ago, FIFA 15 fans now encounter a new error on XBOX. FIFA 15 digital copies stop working, and EA never offers more about this issue.

FIFA 15 players complaint on FIFA forum and Reddit saying that when they try to start the digital copy of FIFA 15, a message show up with words” Please try again, Sorry we couldn’t start FIFA 15. If you have a disc, insert it now.” The game won’t load and keeps asking gamers to insert a physical disc even though they own the Digital Copy. It seems that the issue happened on XBOX One only and nothing wrong with XBOX 360.

Besides, when users try to uninstall and reinstall FIFA15, things happen that FIFA 15 is missing from the online store and EA access APP. Players can’t even reinstall from their own purchase.

According to replies at the forum and Reddit, it seems that lots players now get affected by this issue.

Right after the issue happened, EA and XBOX Support site worked together to investigate the issue. They twittered that the investigation was undergoing and sorry for the inconvenience. EA announce that the digital copy issue that occurred first on XBOX ONE now also affect non-EA games. Latest EA twitter says that the
investigation continues but most should now be able to access their FIFA 15 XBOX one. However, you’d better begin to win FIFA 15 coins XBOX ONE only after the problem resolved totally in case of possible interruption.

Be patient to wait for the fix on FIFA 15 XBOX ONE and look forward new FIFA 15 updates from EA in the near future. Whatever,look forward the day coming!