What do you think the reason that let you indulge the runescape

It is very addictive RPG for hours and hours without even realizing,with a simplicity and quality that dazzle.Why is this so?

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First,this is a prima facie typical MMORPG , but it’s not like everyone else , as it is played in a small window and can buy erverything use runescape gold.That makes the game speed is high , regardless of the type of connection too to have.

If we stick to the game itself, we find a set of hard-nosed role , creating characters , missions, worlds to explore , creatures of all kinds, treasures, trade and more. Although the interface is really nice , simple and extremely agile, very well structured and fast access to the most important functions .As for your character you can choose between four classes, each with its advantages and disadvantages , which are: adventurer , wizard, warrior and explorer. What do you want to do most when you have rs gold in runescape. After changing the look of our man or woman comes when personal characteristics, totaling nearly thirty values ​defense, attack , cooking , carpentry , magic … ) . On the other hand we have the magic and magical prayers, with as many spells and chants , not to mention necessary to perform spells and runes and songs spirituality .We can interact with everything and everyone , buying, selling , fighting , researching , learning , stolen , interrogating and an almost unlimited list of actions