As long as you find attentively, will always find more runescape gold

With Runescape becoming ever more popular, and hundreds of thousands of players all competing to be the best, it comes as no surprise that more and more people are trying to game the system, and try their way to the top. These cheaters buy Runescape Gold. Gold is an important aspect in the game RuneScape,As the game’s official currency, it is used to purchase goods and aid trading efforts between players. Although there are plenty of ways to acquire gold within the game, some players resort to other methods online.

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In Runescape, the physical level of life value = x10, less the value of life, you have to add. Runescape is not some game of blood and the like, to add strength by food.

Food blood table:

Meet: plus 30 blood
Anchovies: plus 30 blood
Shrimp: plus 30 blood
bread: plus 20 blood
Herring: plus 50 blood
Trout: plus 70 blood
Salmon: plus 90 blood
Tuna: plus 100 blood
Cake: plus 120 blood ( 3 )
Lobster: plus 120 blood
Swordfish: 140 blood plus

Death consequences: will be transferred to nearby cities, lost most of the equipment inside the backpack, only three of the most precious. Then players can come back by the graves of the missing items, but the graves will be broken at the specified time, when the grave has not broken, someone else can give you repair grave, grave exists to extend the time, so hurry. If you did not get back before the tomb broken items, items will never be regained. Upon completion of the task can not rest the ghost, you can go to Lumbridge church to upgrade grave. Each grave damage at different times, each grave prices are as follows:

Wooden grave: Free

Flag graves: 50 gold

Tombstone: 500 gold

Luxury tombstone: 5000 gold

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