Forza Horizon 4 recognizes the error and is about to correct it

Recently, the most discussed topic for FH 4 players is the percentage of completion of the game season and the series of reward cars. Since the last update, the percentage of rewards for some cars has become 100%, which means you have to spend more time and effort. This is not so friendly for some casual players. Their main purpose in the game is to relax and entertain, to cruise freely, to draw their favorite car decals, not to get rewarded to complete the game, plus some The difficulty of the game is a bit high, and it is not an easy task to reach 100%.

Apparently the developers also expressed this problem. In the latest news release, they also responded to this question. They said that after listening to community feedback, Playground is currently testing an update that will reduce the percentage of completion from 100% to 80%. A 50% completion percentage will maintain the same reward, but the updated completion request will return the date. So, for example, if you finish 83% in the summer, you will get the Porsche 914/6. This change can be found in the game as early as next week.

Also, earlier this week, Playground Games issued a server-side fix that addressed issues affecting Quickplay Online Adventures, where players were disconnected at the end of an adventure before getting their rewards.

From the official reply above, the developers are more concerned about the players’ ideas, willing to accept the players’ opinions and make adjustments, from 100% to 80%. This is a big improvement, and some players suggest to change the ratio to 30%-70%, think that it will be easier to get rewards. If this is the case, the difficulty of the game will be greatly reduced. Although more players can be rewarded, the game itself has lost some fun, which is also the development. People are not willing to see it.

If you really like a car but can’t get it, you can try the following two methods:
First, always pay attention to the auction house. If someone is selling it, you must pay as soon as possible. This requires you to have enough FH 4 Credits. If you haven’t already, then you need to know how to make credits fast in forza horizon 4, then quickly Have it.

Second, if your usual work or study is very busy and you don’t have time to get more CR, you can also get the vehicle you want directly through a third party This method is more convenient than the first one, it is unique. The downside is that you need to spend money. Although the price of the car is very cheap, please consider before you decide to use this method. Do you really need it?