Month: September 2017

Check Out The Brief Review Of Madden NFL 18

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The popular Madden football franchise arrives in its 2018 edition using the Frostbite graphics engine, so we can expect graphics in greater detail and lighting. In addition they have incorporated new styles of game, modes and functionalities that will make of this delivery something that you have never seen. As expected after the migration of ….  Read More

The Primary Currency In Madden Ultimate Team – Madden 18 Coins

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Ultimate Team is the most popular mode in these games, and is basically a huge metagame that involves you managing a team, and managing individual players. Coins are the primary currency in Madden Ultimate Team – you use these to buy packs containing new players and upgrades. And while, sure, you can always just buy ….  Read More

Horns Of The Reach Game Pack Was Released In The Elder Scrolls Online

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ZeniMax Online Studios announced the release of the downloadable Horns of the Reach game pack with two incredible new dungeons – the Bloodroot Forge and Falkreath Hold – and an array of new items on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 . In addition to Horns of the Reach, we have deployed many basic game enhancements, ….  Read More